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Lucky Penny For Birth And Christening



A Gold plated Lucky Penny, personalised for individual babies. The perfect gift for any parent with a new child. A widely recognised symbol of good luck, this lucky penny has been highly polished, treated with a special solution to maintain the shine and then thickly plated with cobalt hardened 24ct Gold. This will look beautiful and bring luck for many years to come. Set in a beautiful frame, we have severeal designs and will offer you a choice when you order. Gold plating isdone in our own precious metal plating facility by our own technicians, and the qualityis second to none.

If a penny is available in the year required, we can place the penny with the date forward. If it is not available, and it seems the mint are making less and less, we can place the penny facing the other way, to display  the words "One Penny"