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DRAGON CANE punishment cane. Excellent high quality natural dragon cane. Professional Quality.



Dragon Cane is the queen of rattan canes. Crafted out of a rare and supreme variety of rattan, this rattan is much more denser and stronger than kooboo and characterized by long node distance compared to kooboo or most other varieties of rattan. Dragon Canes are known to cane aficionados as the Rolls Royce of rattan canes due to its supreme characteristics that make it excellent material for punishment canes. Unfortunately Dragon Canes are getting rarer due to export restrictions from Indonesia which is the only place this rattan is grown and collected in the wild by native farmers. In the future, these canes might disappear altogether given the export bans on this rattan variety. Punishment Canes crafted out of Dragon Cane rattans are superior to any other canes and quite possibly the best rattan canes money can buy.

These particular canes are formed using our own specially treated dragon cane. We start with the finest cane we can find. The curves are NOT CUT. Each cane starts as a full 1 meter length and is shaped over the course of several weeks using a tried and tested method where the whole cane is treated, not just the end which forms the classic handle shape. We believe that the end result is a cane that is stronger, more flexible and durable, and far superior to untreated canes.

We also believe that we are the only ones who are treating the whole cane in the way we do, which makes our dragon canes unique. It also means that we are not able to mass produce them and quantities for sale will always be small. The finish is completely natural, we polish them to a high standard, but never use waxes and our entire process is CHEMICAL FREE.
Professional quality canes, at a price for everyone.

Post in the UK is via 3 to 5 day courier. Plain packaging. Card recepit will say silver pennies