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EWI Screw

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This one is for my husband, Jazz fanatic, saxophonist, and EWI player.
The Akai EWI bible is Patchman Music and their website, owned by people
who helped develop the EWI explains that the mouthpiece screw on the
EWI4000s is not rust proof and should be replaced as soon as possible.

EWI4000s owners should replace the mouthpiece screw ASAP as the factory screw will rust,
strip, and seize up from moisture. Replace it now and save yourself the hassle and expense
later on. Quick and simple installation using a small 3/16" Phillips head screwdriver.
Unfortunately Patchman does not ship outside the US.
After much searching and finding nothing here in the UK, we decided to have them made,
and improved on. We matched the original screw in stainless steel and then gave it a coat
of cobalt hardened 24ct Gold Plate to ensure as much rust resistance as possible. Hubby was
happy and has one of these in his EWI 4000s. Please note, if you are not comfortable replacing this yourself, please employ the help of a qualified EWI repair technician.

Delivery is £2.99 for any order up to £50. Over £50, delivery is free of charge.

Great site for EWI players http://ewilogic.com/


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